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Naji an unrepeatable sense of moments

Naji brand is derived from the surname of a noble Isfahani family who have been working on sour lemon juice since 1953, which is a product of the southern provinces of Iran. The incentive to get water from a product called sour lemon started from there, that the need for this product was felt in all seasons. And its inaccessibility required that the product's water be stored in special tanks. For this purpose, with the help of God Almighty, since 1953, with the efforts of the late Haj Seyyed Reza Naji Isfahani The process of producing lemon juice started for the first time in Isfahan province in a completely traditional way. Simultaneously with the widespread acceptance of the people and the need for further development , Began to buy more space in the same place (Isfahan Bazaar) and increased production Until 1978, the amount of that production did not meet the needs of Isfahan province As a result, a space was purchased around Isfahan and the production jam increased again. Due to maintaining the quality of the product and supporting our dear customers in 1997 In the form of Paknam Sepehr Sepahan Cleaning Company, with Naji brand and using the best and The most advanced machines of the day continued their work in Jay Industrial Park of Isfahan And backed by a long history of production in 2003 He started producing mayonnaise and ketchup sauce and all kinds of salad sauces with Naji brand.
Also, in 2008, it has included the packaging of various types of vinegar in its production record. Also, in line with its goals, in 2017, in cooperation with reputable companies in the country's food industry, in order to complete its product portfolio, it has started to produce and package various types of jam and tomato paste. Paknam Sepehr Sepahan Naji Company has always paid special attention to maintaining the quality of the product and the type of packaging, and the main goal of the company is to satisfy its esteemed customers.

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